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Emoticon::Emoticon ( const Emoticon other  ) 

Create an exact copy of another emoticon

pictureName The picture file name
tooltip The name of this emoticon, which will be displayed as tooltip in the Emoticon Sidebar
pictureDirectory The folder where this emoticon's image is located

Definition at line 92 of file emoticon.cpp.

  : QObject()
  , pictureDirectory_(other.pictureDirectory_)
  , pictureName_(other.pictureName_)
  , picturePath_(other.picturePath_)
  , isCustomEmoticon_(other.isCustomEmoticon_)
  , originalPictureName_(other.originalPictureName_)
  , shortcuts_(other.shortcuts_)
  , tooltip_(other.tooltip_)
  , valid_(other.valid_)

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