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KMessInterface Class Reference

#include <kmessinterface.h>

Inherited by KMess.

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Detailed Description

The interface of the KMess class, providing the menu items, virtual implementations of some functions, and implementations of windowing-specific functions.
Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 43 of file kmessinterface.h.

Public Member Functions

 KMessInterface (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Protected Slots

virtual void addNewContact ()
virtual void addNewGroup ()
virtual void changeStatus (const QString &statusName)
virtual void changeViewMode (int mode)
virtual void createNewAccount ()
virtual void disconnectClicked ()
virtual void showNetworkWindow ()
virtual void showTransferWindow ()
virtual void showUserProfile ()
virtual void statusMessage (QString message, int connectStatus=0)
virtual void toggleShowAllowed (bool show)
virtual void toggleShowOffline (bool show)
virtual void toggleShowRemoved (bool show)
void updateOnlineTimer ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void applicationClosing ()
virtual void enableMenus (bool connected)
virtual bool initialize ()
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)

Protected Attributes

KAction * configureNotifications_
KActionMenu * connectActionMenu_
KAction * disconnect_
KActionMenu * settingsActionMenu_
KToggleAction * showAllowedAction_
KAction * showNetworkAction_
KToggleAction * showOfflineAction_
KToggleAction * showRemovedAction_
KAction * showTransferAction_
KSelectAction * status_
KSelectAction * viewMode_

Private Slots

void aboutKDE ()
void aboutKMess ()
void configureNotifications ()
void goToThemesPage ()
void helpContents ()
void menuClose ()
void menuQuit ()
void searchForContact ()
void searchForContactByInterest ()
void showStatusBar ()
void showToolBar ()

Private Member Functions

void createActionsMenu ()
void createConnectMenu ()
void createHelpMenu ()
void createMenus ()
void createViewMenu ()
bool queryClose ()
bool queryExit ()

Private Attributes

int connectState_
KHelpMenu * helpMenu_
bool initialized_
KAction * newContact_
KAction * newGroup_
unsigned int onlineTime_
QTimer * onlineTimer_
KAction * showProfile_
KToggleAction * showStatusBar_
KToggleAction * showToolBar_
QLabel * statusLabel_
KLed * statusProgress_
QLabel * statusTimer_
KPopupMenu * viewMenu_


class KMessTest

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