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SettingsDialog Class Reference

#include <settingsdialog.h>

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Detailed Description

Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 39 of file settingsdialog.h.


void deleteAccount (Account *account)

Public Member Functions

void changeAccountSettings (Account *account, bool isCurrentAccount)
 SettingsDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Private Slots

void chooseDirectory ()
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
void contactFontClicked ()
void fontClicked ()
void insertMessage ()
void insertName ()
void insertTime ()
void previewClicked ()
void resetFormat ()
void slotApply ()
void slotCancel ()
void slotOk ()
void slotUser1 ()
void useContactFontToggled (bool checked)
void useNotificationsToggled (bool checked)

Private Member Functions

bool getFont (QFont &font, QString &fontFamily) const
void insertPlaceholder (const QString &placeholder)
void loadAccountsSettings (Account *account, bool isCurrentAccount)
void loadAlertsSettings (Account *account)
void loadChatLoggingSettings (Account *account)
void loadChattingSettings (Account *account)
void loadEmailSettings (Account *account)
void loadImageSettings (Account *account)
void loadProxySettings (Account *account)
void parseEffects (QString &text) const
QString parseMessage (QString name, QString message, const QString &format, bool isUser)
void readOptions ()
void saveAccountSettings ()
void saveAccountsSettings (Account *account)
void saveAlertsSettings (Account *account)
void saveChatLoggingSettings (Account *account)
void saveChattingSettings (Account *account)
void saveEmailSettings (Account *account)
void saveImageSettings (Account *account)
void saveOptions ()
void saveProxySettings (Account *account)

Private Attributes

AccountsWidget * accountsWidget_
AlertsWidget * alertsWidget_
ChatLoggingWidget * chatLoggingWidget_
ChattingWidget * chattingWidget_
KConfig * config_
EmailWidget * emailWidget_
ImageWidget * imageWidget_

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