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InitialView Class Reference

#include <initialview.h>

Inheritance diagram for InitialView:

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Detailed Description

The login widget.
Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 34 of file initialview.h.


void connectWithAccount (Account *account)
void connectWithAndSaveAccount (Account *account, bool doSave)

Public Member Functions

void addAccount (Account *account)
 InitialView (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Public Attributes

QFrame * Frame5
KLineEdit * handleEdit_
KPasswordEdit * passwordEdit_
QLabel * PixmapLabel3
KComboBox * profileComboBox_
QCheckBox * rememberCheckBox_
QLabel * TextLabel2
QLabel * TextLabel2_2
QLabel * TextLabel3
QLabel * TextLabel3_2
QToolButton * ToolButton1

Protected Attributes

QGridLayout * Layout10
QGridLayout * Layout12
QGridLayout * Layout26

Private Member Functions

void connectToMsn ()
void profileSelected (int index)

Private Attributes

QPtrList< Accountaccounts_
KConfig * config_

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