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ContactList Class Reference

#include <contactlist.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The list of contacts.
Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 37 of file contactlist.h.


void contactAdded (Contact *contact)
void contactChangeStatus (Contact *contact)
void contactMoved (Contact *contact)
void contactOffline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void contactOnline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void contactRemoved (const Contact *contact)
void groupAdded (Group *group)
void groupRemoved (const Group *group)

Public Member Functions

ContactaddContact (QString handle, QString friendlyName, int lists, QString groupIds)
GroupaddGroup (QString groupId, QString groupName)
void changeContactStatus (QString handle, QString friendlyName, QString status, uint capabilities=0, QString msnObject=0, bool showBaloon=true)
ContactgetContactByHandle (QString handle) const
QString getContactFriendlyNameByHandle (const QString &handle) const
ContactgetContactLastDragged () const
const QPtrList< Contact > & getContactList () const
GroupgetGroupById (QString groupId) const
GroupgetGroupBySortPosition (int sortPosition) const
const QPtrList< Group > & getGroupList () const
void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void removeGroup (QString groupId)
void renameContact (QString handle, QString newName)
void renameGroup (QString groupId, QString newName)
void reset ()
void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void setContactOffline (QString handle)

Private Slots

void slotForwardContactMoved (Contact *contact)
void slotForwardContactOffline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)
void slotForwardContactOnline (Contact *contact, bool showBaloon)

Private Member Functions

bool contactExists (QString handle)
void deleteAllContacts ()
void deleteNonSpecialGroups ()
bool groupExists (QString groupId)

Private Attributes

QPtrList< Contactcontacts_
QPtrList< Groupgroups_


class KMessTest

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