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ChatWindowInterface Class Reference

#include <chatwindowinterface.h>

Inherited by ChatWindow.

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Detailed Description

The interface for the chat window, defining the menus.
Mike K. Bennett

Definition at line 37 of file chatwindowinterface.h.

Public Member Functions

 ChatWindowInterface (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Protected Slots

virtual void editCopy ()
virtual void editCut ()
virtual void editFont ()
virtual void editFontColor ()
virtual void editPaste ()
virtual void emoticonButtonPressed ()
virtual void saveChat ()
virtual void showStatusBar ()
virtual void startConversation ()
virtual void startMeeting ()
virtual void statusMessage (QString message)
virtual void toggleEmoticons (bool useEmoticons)
virtual void toggleSidebar ()
virtual void transferFile ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)

Protected Attributes

KToggleAction * emoticonAction_
KToolBarButton * emoticonButton_
KPopupMenu * inviteMenu_
KToggleAction * showStatusBar_
KToggleAction * showToolBar_
KAction * sidebarAction_

Private Slots

void aboutKDE ()
void aboutKMess ()
void fileClose ()
void helpContents ()
void showToolBar ()

Private Member Functions

void initChatMenu ()
void initEditMenu ()
void initHelpMenu ()
void initMenus ()
void initSettingsMenu ()

Private Attributes

KHelpMenu * helpMenu_

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